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    a girl who swims.

    Read this article in the internet few months ago, can’t find the link though… Good thing I copied it. Its a good thing to read, hope you guys like it too. :)

    Date a Girl Who Swims

    Date a girl who swims because she’s a happy girl and she finds joy in the simple things. Show her a photo of the beach and her eyes will sparkle. Write her name on the sand and she’ll feel like you gave her a bouquet of flowers.

    Date a girl who swims because you can always take her to the beach even when she has her monthly period. She relishes the sand, the sun, the waves, and the marine life. Take a walk with her along the shore barefoot and she’d appreciate the conversation; she’d enjoy the sand tickling her toes; and she’d laugh heartily as the wind blows her hair. At moments of silences, she closes her eyes as she listens to the calming sound of the waves. When she opens her eyes, she appears more relaxed and she flashes that big grin of contentment.

    Date a girl who swims, because she possesses natural beauty. She doesn’t need a sexy two-piece swim wear to flaunt her body. Her strong core, wide shoulders, and toned arms and legs shine through any clothes she wears.

    Date a girl who swims. Understand that her dry hair was damaged by chlorine, the sun, and salt water. Date a girl who swims, because even after 4km of swim training, she still looks fresh. Date a girl who swims, because she has both natural grace and determination.

    Love a girl who swims. Her sun-kissed skin is evidence of how much she could love a hobby or a sport that she dumps the notion that white is beauty. She could do more than get a tan for someone she loves. Love a girl who swims and who would do run trainings because of her coach’s instructions. She will run the required miles even though she’s not as comfortable on land as she is in water. She will do anything for her love of swimming. Likewise, she’ll do what it takes to show her love for you.

    Love a girl who swims because she is as calm as a lake. She’s at peace with herself. Love a girl who swims and you find serenity in a beautiful woman. She’s as serene as a pristine beach. Love her even though she gets upset. Everyone cracks up sometimes. Love her through her PMS, and she will love and understand you just as she’d understand angry waves during a storm.

    Love a girl who swims. She will love you like she loves the water. She can laugh with your shallow jokes and can listen to your deep, pensive monologue about your highly technical work.

    Love a girl who swims. She may be physically strong, but take care of her fragile heart. Don’t pluck her from balanced aquatic-terrestrial life and just leave her because you’re insecure of her strength. When she starts to love you, you become her new home and source of strength. When things go rough, don’t just abandon her. That’s like capturing a carefree fish from the ocean, putting it in a bowl, taking care of it, and leaving it to die.

    Love a girl who swims. Be expressive with your feelings. Tuck a note inside her swim cap. Pick her up after her swim trainings. Treat her to a hearty, protein-packed recovery dinner after her speed drills (Don’t be surprised that her appetite is as big as yours. Then you start to wonder where she stores the food in her body.). Propose to her in the most romantic way you can think of and make her feel like she’s  a Disney water princess.

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